Adiquímica, in collaboration with Pridesa and Agencia Catalana of water, publishes an article of Environmental in the Journal of Chemical Engineer

The article is entitled: “Antiscaling treatment in a desalination plant of Mediterranean sea“.

As an introduction, this article comments that Tordera river, with a 65 km of length, is characterized by a delta in its mouth which is a strategic aquifer for resources management of North coast Barcelona . From this aquifer is established a supply network which is currently disconnected from the network in Barcelona, and it supplies to 14 cost villages of Maresme and Costa Brava South.

From studies, it was estimated that the aquifer of Tordera had a deficit around 14 hm3 per year and was raised as a solution to build a desalination plant.

Feed water composition of desalination plant of seawater of La Tordera has the potential to cause premature fouling of security filters, and over time there is a risk of deposition of metal oxides in the membranes. The filters fouling is an important consideration in the design and operation of reverse osmosis. The cleaning frequency, pretreatment requirements, operating conditions, the cost and the recovery are affected by fouling of the mentioned filters. To avoid this problem and reduce the periodic cleaning of security filters and preserve the membranes, Adiquímica, together with Pridesa, was considered a special product development which acts as antiscaling and anticorrosive of iron, manganese and other metals in brackish waters and seawaters intended to be treated by membranes. The product developed for this purpose has been the ADIC RO-20, whose conditions o f use in desalination plant of La Tordera are motive of article.